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So recently I see alot of people asking questions about .anything domain names, these are new top level domain names
which ICANN is bringing out.

The thing is we already have around 22 top level TLD’s, ICANN is just looking for ways to make more money at $185,000 a piece.


Will .anything help SEO?

We have seen many different TLD’s which have no real SEO impact such as .travel (these domains do not have the x factor).

Google will favour .com (even I have seen .us fair well) in the US market and domains in the Australian market overall, other domains such as will not go as well in the Australian market, you may see an exception if there is no competition.

What are they good for?

Overall these new TLD’s will not have a huge impact for SEO it is really just a branding tool which brands like Google and Coke will see and try to jump at, also for those big brands who have missed the boat with keyword rich generic domains.

If I get .music will it be better then for example?

But then again how can you compete with Myspace who has already millions of search ranks for keywords for music artists, this is where they generate the traffic these days it is not via users it is via organic search for specific artists. They also have millions of links for domains and a huge amount of content.

Other example of failed .tld’s

With .mobi domains for example all the land rush domains are only trademark terms, generic terms were held back by the registrar so they can make huge money on the sale.


Sorry I think this is just another colorful thing by ICANN to rake in money, you see these type of things all the time I remember when .mobi domains launched in 2007 I was caught up in the hype and actually purchased a few very good generic domains at auction yet I sold them off at cost, lucky as .mobi is worth next to nothing now and I could have been out of pocket 10k. ICANN marketed this as been the only way to view domains in your mobile phone, they are very good at making noise and making money.

Also I do not think ICANN will let go of Generic domains quickly my guess is they will release the brand terms first then have auctions to release things like .music so it can raise say 10 million, I cannot see them selling it at cost price people would say that is unfair!

Overall I think this is just another silly thing to annoy business with, we already have 22 TLD’s we do not need 1000’s more, it is just a money waster.

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So recently I have been receiving many emails and comments from people asking about how I got into SEO, asking for SEO advice some people offering to even pay me to learn. I decided to make some SEO posts for people who want to know how I got into the business in the hope that it will help you too =)

How I got into SEO? This is going to be a 3 part blog post =)

I thought it would be a good idea to talk about exactly how I got into SEO,

It all started back in around early 2004 when I was still at high school, selling things on eBay for fun, I was well aware of the online world, I was selling DVD’s and other things on eBay for profit and tinkering around with online marketing since way back in like 1999.

At the same time I was active on many car forums as I was looking to purchase my first car been Honda or a Mazda. I saw a post about what people do for a job and I saw this one guy talking about how he was making decent money online off ranking his “Car Wallpapers” website, ranking near the top of page one in Google USA, this guy pretty much was shoing what he was making with Adsense and CPM and said any one can do it.
At around the same time I had been tinkering with websites for many years and I know the basics of online marketing yet I never knew a lot about SEO. The specific guy advised me that if I want to make money online I need to get onto websites like and, instantly I decided to check out these two websites and learn everything I could.

Before this I was on website like .TK and had built various website on free hosts so I knew a bit about we hosting, web design and internet marketing as I had done it all for my eBay business and free hosts.

Back in 2004-2005 Digital Point was a fantastic place to learn about internet marketing, compared to what it is like today back 7 years ago it was a wealth of information, if you wanted to learn about SEO you found countless links to other websites, if you want to learn about social media there was the same wealth of information.  Another great thing about Digital Point was the fact that you could outsource link building for SEO campaigns for great prices.

I was posting on Digital Point and Site Point on a daily basis and learning every thing I could. Around the same time I decided to purchase my first few domains on Godaddy, off recomendations from DP I used Hostgator for my business and I was in business. I also set up various free blogs on Blogger and the likes to assist my network in forming.

I will continue the story in part 2 =) Stay Tuned…

Two tips from this post -

1. Join SEO forums, Blogs to learn all you can about internet marketing.

2. Make your own website or blog to learn all you can from the ground up.

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After some good success of my international blog James Norquay (Global) I decided to make an Australia Internet Marketing version of my blog, so I can keep this blog to specifically Aussie news only and keep the worldwide news and random posts to my other website.

I will be updating hopefully weekly with Australian search news, so please stay tuned for great information.